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May 4, 2018

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 Come Worship With Us!

Sunday, May 6, 2018 // 10:30 am 

6TH Sunday of Easter

SERMON TEXT:  1 Corinthians 15:1-8, 2 Corinthians 1:3-11
SERMON TITLE:   "The Resurrection: An Antidote to Disappointment & Despair" / Rev. Richard Brondyke

Opportunities to Connect

Did You Mark Your Calendar for June 10th?

Festivities are from noon - 2:30pm!!

Kick off the summer with food and fellowship alongside your Fairview Family and Friends.  We will have games for kids (and big kids) and wrap up the event with music by Ransomed Bluegrass, who will go on around 1:30pm.  

ALL are welcome!!  Spread the news and be sure to bring friends! 

Opportunities to Know

Weekly Memory Work

A Snippet of Reformed Doctrine

Q. 193. For what do we pray in the Fourth request?

A .  In the fourth request (Give us today, our daily bread1), we acknowledge that in Adam and by our own sin we have forfeited any right to all of the outward blessings of this life, that we deserve to be completely deprived of them by God and to have their use by us cursed,2 and that the outward blessings of this life are not in and of themselves capable of sustaining us,3 nor do we deserve4 or actually obtain them by our own efforts,5 but lust after,6 acquire,7 and use them in unlawful ways.8We pray then for ourselves and others that both they and we may wait daily on God’s providential allowance of the outward blessings of this life and that, according to what his fatherly wisdom decides is best, we may lawfully enjoy his free gift of what is sufficient for us.9We also pray that God would continue to bless us with sufficient worldly goods, that they would sustain our needs and be sanctified by us,10 that we would be satisfied with them,11 and that God would protect us from anything that undermines our support and sustenance in this world.12

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Small Group Studies 

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning studies for children, youth, and adults continue going strong and begin at 9:15 a.m. on Sunday.  The Adult study, The Good Living Guide is under way.

Tuesday Morning Women's Bible Study 

Looking for a short study to get your feet wet?  Join us for the month of May as we read and discuss "The Liturgy of the Ordinary" by Tish Harrison Warren.

Several Other Small Groups Meet During the week


Check out the website for a complete listing of All Small Group Opportunities.

Opportunities to Serve

Bagel Sunday Sign Ups  // Volunteers Needed from May On

Thank you to April and Mike White for hosting a wonderful time of fellowship with April's Bagel Sunday.  We are looking for hosts for upcoming months.  Please consider serving in this way.  More details and an online sign up are available here.


Donations always accepted

 Focus your telescopes


The theme this summer is Galactic Starveyors. This VBS reignites children's sense of discovery and exploration as they marvel at the wonders of the starry sky. Most of all, they gaze toward the God who created the universe and everything in it.  They will learn that He wants to have a personal relationship with them.

We will need lots of volunteers to make this another Fairview success!  Please see Valerie Petrie for more information or tell her of your ability to help create and decorate, make snacks, teach a lesson, lead songs, wrangled children, play games or act crazy with our awesome kids!  This is a wonderful outreach and a wonderful way to serve our community and our Lord.

Come on into the clubhouse and show kids that God is over the moon in love with them!

Our Next Good Works  // May 5th

Can you lend a hand??  Mark your calendar now to block out some time.  See Susan Obenschain if you'd like to help with the lunch or Roy Adler/Hob Pusey if you'd like to join the team on site.

Looking for a special way to serve the youngest of our youth, as well as Fairview's young families??

We are happy to invite volunteers to assist in the Nursery during Sunday worship.


The Spring/Summer 2018 Sign Up Genius is ready! Find a date that works best for you!

Sign Up Here 

There are always many opportunities to serve with your fellow Fairview family and friends.  To learn more and/or sign up simply click on the opportunity(ies) that interests you below!!

Many of ouR Service Opportunities are ongoing ... to learn more click any image below for further details!