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Children in Worship 

Children up to 8 years old are encouraged to participate in their “Time for Young Disciples,” a brief message during the worship service, after which children ages 5 through 2nd grade are dismissed for Junior Church, where an age appropriate lesson is taught. Childcare is available for children through age 4 in our Nursery. 

Christmas and Easter Cantatas 

On the Sunday before Christmas, and on Easter Sunday, the Fairview Evangelical Presbyterian Church Choir, offers a musical cantata, accompanied by a full orchestra.


Fairview confesses Reformed Covenantal Theology. Baptism is based upon confession of faith in Jesus Christ. For an adult, that confession of faith must be their own. For an infant, that confession of faith must be made by at least one of the child’s parents. In presenting a child for baptism, parents are promising to do all in their power to raise their child to honorable, faithful adulthood, knowing and loving Jesus Christ. If you have questions about baptism, please speak with Tim Latham. 

The Lord’s Supper 

Baptism is the entry point to the community of Christ. The Lord’s Supper, (also known as Communion or the Eucharist) is the sign of continuing to walk with Christ in faithful adulthood. The Lord’s Supper is offered on the first Sunday of the month and on Maundy Thursday, during Holy Week. We also provide extended communion for members unable to be present when the sacrament is celebrated. 


The key events of life should be marked by a solemn ceremony in God’s presence, followed by a time of celebration. Fairview Evangelical Presbyterian Church’s beautiful second floor sanctuary, with a center aisle, is located in a picturesque part of Chester County, PA. For more information about wedding services at Fairview, contact the church office and/or Tim. 

Memorial Services 

We believe, as we sing in the words of hymn “In Christ Alone,” that “From life's first cry to final breath, Jesus commands [our] destiny.” A memorial service (funeral) at Fairview Evangelical Presbyterian Church is Christ centered. It is a witness to the hope of resurrection for those in Christ. For information about hosting a memorial service at Fairview, or interring a loved one in Fairview’s graveyard or columbarium, please contact the church office. 

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