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Update on Major Church Roof Repairs and Donation Plea

Posted by Celia Weber on

When damage from rain leakage became apparent inside the church Trustees engaged building restoration consultant, Brookline Partners, to evaluate the situation and provide feedback.

In August of 2016, Session voted to approve the Trustees’ recommendation regarding Phase One of a two-phase church building repair project.

The Trustee’s recommendations were based on the extensive 79-page report by Brookline Partners. This report included numerous photographs documenting extensive exterior building deterioration. Issues identified included rotten crown moldings; damaged louver frames and sills; leaking masonry “projecting bands;” rotted steeple bell tower corner boards; and extensive roof disrepair, including over/under nailing and flashing inadequacies.

Trustees divided the expert’s recommendations into 2 phases to ensure the most urgent issues were handled first and also to better manage the capital funds needed.  While initial estimates for all repairs were in excess of $70,000, Trustees sought additional bids and were able to reduce estimated costs to just over $40,000.

Phase One – cost incurred $20,000 – competed fall 2016
  • Remediation of the three louver frames
  • Replacement of wooden sill on the outside wall beneath the bell tower
  • Replacement of the corner boards on the bell tower
  • New flashing at the base of the tower
  • Replacement/repair of approximately 25 shingles

Phase Two – estimated $25,000
  • Replacement of the upper crown moldings and gable end crown moldings
  • Repairs to the “projecting bands”
  • Extensive repairs to the interior plaster on the north wall and sanctuary ceiling above the choir loft.

While Phase One costs were covered by the reallocation of existing designated funds there are no funds available for capital expenditures remaining for Phase Two.


Please prayerfully consider how you can contribute to meet the Phase Two expenses of $25,000.  There are 2 ways to pledge / give:

  • Pledge: Use the umbrellas passed out with bulletin or on the sanctuary                 window sills
  • Give Now:  Please note “church repairs” in the memo line of your check