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October 9, 2020

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Come Worship with Us!

Sunday, October 11, 2020 // 10:30 am

SERMON TEXT:  Ruth 1:1-14
SERMON TITLE:   "The Pain of Naomi"  // Rev. Tim Latham

This week's service will be available via Live Stream on our Facebook page starting at 10:30 a.m.   If you will be joining us remotely, you can follow along with the bulletin, found on our website page for this week's sermon

A recording of the Live Stream will be uploaded to the sermon page sometime after the service concludes, thus allowing on-demand viewing.

New Sermon Series

The Book of Ruth | From Ruin to Redemption 
The Book of Ruth is a beautiful story, with three people finding love and redemption out of a difficult situation. This book embodies the Hebrew word, Hesed, which means “Strong, committed, unbreakable love.” Paul Miller defines Hesed as “love without limits” and while we see Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz displaying Hesed, the Book of Ruth ultimately shows how God uses Hesed and displays His limitless love for this family and for all of His people. Over the next seven weeks, we’ll see this play out in intricate details as God’s love can provide redemption out of the midst of ruin.

Bridge of Hope Neighboring Group Update

Fairview's Bridge of Hope Neighboring Volunteers

Our Neighboring Volunteers walk alongside their Bridge of Hope Family to fill in the gaps, and help the Family get back on their feet. Part of what the Neighboring program offers to our Neighboring Volunteers is opportunities to:

Open Doors:  Use your personal and professional networks to help a family find housing, medical providers, employment, job training or other resources to support a family’s long-term success.

Open Your Eyes:  As a faith community, your eyes will be opened – to the pain, trauma and resiliency of families facing homelessness, the brokenness in all of us, the significance of mutual relationships with others, and the importance of Neighboring as followers of Jesus. It’s all about making a true difference in the lives of others. 
 If you have any interest in helping out with Fairview’s Bridge of Hope Volunteers please reach out to Brenda Stauffer at 484-678-0436.

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