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Growing in the Gap

10.25.17 | by Bonnie Mecaughey

Growing in the Gap

    Dear Member of Fairview,

    During the month of November we will be focusing on stewardship. This word unnerves many of us since it implies church giving. Indeed, funds to support building operations, staff and programs are a perpetual need for any church. However, stewardship embodies considerably more than fundraising.

    Stewardship entails caring for what God has given us--- which includes the gift of life, as well as our loved ones, friends, livelihoods and church family.

    During stewardship campaigns we often reference the biblical principle of tithing - striving to give back 10% of our earnings. To help us understand how we can be good financial stewards, Fairview is pleased to offer Cash Values, an adult Sunday school class which begins on November 5 at 9:15 am. This 5-week study explores what the bible tells us about managing our money and how it relates to contemporary fiscal stewardship. Please join us!

    As fruitful stewards of Fairview Evangelical Presbyterian Church, we are called to contribute beyond the monetary realm. Giving freely of our time and talent is essential to our ongoing ability to grow in the Lord and support Fairview and its community outreach goals.

    As Fairview seeks to call a new pastor, our members are encouraged to “Grow in the Gap!” What does this expression mean?

    1. It means we should regularly attend worship, despite the absence of a permanent pastor.
    2. We should invite family, friends and neighbors to worship and participate in Fairview’s small groups and special activities.
    3. To “Grow in the Gap” means we should sustain our financial support during this time of pastoral transition, giving freely of our time and talent.

     Please consider how you can help us Grow in the Gap!

    If you would like more information about how you can support Fairview’s stewardship campaign, please contact any member of Session.   Thank you for your faithfulness!

    Bonnie Mecaughey and Dennis Lesher
    2017-2018 FEPC Stewardship campaign